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The Cost Muslims Pay for Missing the True Jesus

Alan explains three ways that Muslims miss the true Jesus and why it should matter to them.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | May 21, 2017

Can churches discipline for the sin of homosexuality?

Alan evaluates a church’s decision to dismiss a man from membership because he engaged in a homosexual relationship.
Alan Shlemon | Christianity & Culture, Theology | April 1, 2017

Do Pro-Lifers Want the Government to Regulate a Woman’s Body?

Alan responds to an article claiming that women’s equality can’t exist until the government doesn’t regulate a woman’s body, in the same way it doesn’t regulate a man’s body.
Alan Shlemon | Bio-Ethics | March 5, 2017

Atheism’s Burden of Proof

Alan explains why although atheists may not have to prove the absence of God, their view still entails three incredible assertions that require a lot of explaining.
Alan Shlemon | Philosophy | February 1, 2017

Pro-life Persuasion Always Succeeds

Alan explains how his recent failure to convince an abortion-choice advocate helps us rethink how we measure success.
Alan Shlemon | Bio-Ethics | January 1, 2017

Following Jesus to Compassion

Alan draws upon a component of Jesus’ ministry to help believers transform their relationships with people they disagree with.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | December 4, 2016

If Sin Is Finite, Why Is Hell Eternal?

Alan responds to the common question why people are punished in hell forever when they’ve only committed a finite amount of sin.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | November 9, 2016

How Pro-gay Theology Is Undermined in One Step

Alan explains how to understand the most modern case for pro-gay theology and how to undermine it in one step.
Alan Shlemon | Theology, Christianity & Culture | October 7, 2016

Putting Words in God’s Mouth

Alan explains the importance of learning a good system of biblical interpretation and uses an example from his recent trip to Cairo, Egypt.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | September 1, 2016

The Pro-life Mission

Alan discusses how he created the confidence in Christians to share their pro-life convictions with anyone.

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Alan Shlemon | Bio-Ethics | August 15, 2016