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Show Them God Is Better Than the Promises of Anything Else

Academic arguments about the reality of God are necessary but not sufficient. You will have to answer questions about His goodness.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | February 10, 2017

Newsletters: Challenged Faith, Burden of Proof, and Fine-Tuning

Read some thoughts from our speakers: What can you do when someone challenges your faith? Do atheists have a burden of proof? What finely-tuned conditions were necessary for life?

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | February 9, 2017

Moral Factors to Take into Account if You’re Considering IVF

Infertility is a reality for many and can be unimaginably painful. We need God’s grace to help us walk through such pain, and we need God’s truth to help us navigate the possible road ahead.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Brett Kunkle | February 7, 2017

Homosexuality and the Bible - Introduction (Video)

One of the latest videos from the Stand to Reason Quick-Reference App on the Reformation Project.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | February 6, 2017

Who Is Jesus?

There are people around you who have no idea what Christianity says about Jesus. Here are four brief talks from the STR speakers on Christology and the Gospel to help you explain.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | February 3, 2017

The Apology to the LGBT Community That Needs an Apology

Both Jesus and Paul modeled genuine love in the context of making a right judgment. We should do the same for the sake of others.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Tim Barnett | February 2, 2017

Did Old Testament Men Treat Their Wives Like Property?

Many people assume men in the Old Testament treated their wives like property, but does the text back that up?

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | February 1, 2017

Tell the Truth and Leave the Results up to God

Have you ever felt frustrated because your efforts to share your religious convictions with a friend or family member were going nowhere?

Blog Post | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | January 31, 2017

Love Needs an Education (Video)

Greg offers thoughts on what true, biblical love is versus the kind of love that simply makes people feel good.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | January 30, 2017

An Explanation of Planned Parenthood’s “3%” Statistic

Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion makes up only 3% of their services is back in the news again. Watch this video for the context needed to understand that statistic.

Blog Post | Bio-Ethics | Amy K. Hall | January 27, 2017