Please, Invest in a Summit Ministries Conference

As a parent of 5 kids, summer gets expensive. I have to pay for swim lessons, soccer camps, VBS, youth group trips, family vacations, and more. And these costs don't even include feeding my kids all summer!

If you're a parent, this might be pretty typical for your family as well. Summer provides all kind of opportunities, but they come with corresponding expenses. Still, most parents will make the investment. "My kid needs to attend summer football camp for his high school team?" No problem. "Pay for swim lessons?" Sure. "Academic tutoring?" Of course. I know parents willing to spend thousands of dollars on sports, academics, and other extracurricular activities. And I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I want to know how many parents are willing to put the same investment of time and money into their children's spiritual training. I do a lot of training with parents and I challenge them on this very point. So, I've had to put my money where my mouth is.

During my oldest daughter's junior and senior year of high school, our biggest summer investment was a 2-week trip to Colorado. Altogether, each trip cost us about $1,300. Where did we send her? To Summit Ministries' Student Worldview Conference. Her flight from Orange County to Colorado Springs cost about $300. The conference was $895. She needed about $100 of spending money. That was a big chunk of change for our family. But it was worth every penny. It was an eternal investment.

We knew what Lexi was going to get at Summit: two weeks of intense worldview training, training more valuable than any basketball camp or swim lesson. She was forced to carefully examine the false ideas of this world that compete for her heart and mind every single day. Then she learned to analyze those ideas and expose them for the lies they are. She learned to think Christianly, discovering why Christianity is true and what difference it makes for every single area of her life. How do I know? Because I get to see firsthand what Summit does every summer, as one of their instructors. After teaching at my first session a few years ago, I was completely sold on Summit.

Did my daugther get that teaching at home as well? Of course. But I know that my kids need more than mom and me. They need other models. They need to hear the truth from other followers of Christ and see His truth lived out in their lives. Summit provided the kind of smart, intelligent, loving and winsome Christian ambassadors that I want my kids to emulate.

So parents and students, check out Summit's summer conferences. Not only do they host them in Colorado, they have a camp in Tennessee (July 6-18) and one in California (June 15-27). It's the best investment you can make this summer. (Use the discount code STR2014 to register!)



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