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As it’s the last day of the year, here are some posts from 2013 with ideas to help you make a study plan for 2014:

A Plan to Begin a Year of Learning – “Everything on this list is written at a level that a layperson can understand—there's nothing too technical or overly academic. It will give you a good foundation in the Bible (which is most important), cover a few topics in apologetics that are big right now, and give you tools on how to think and have productive conversations.”

Meet the Bible Before You Read It – “As part of their current series on ‘How to Read the Bible,’ the White Horse Inn posted some lectures by Michael Horton (about 30 minutes each) introducing and summarizing each of the major sections of the Bible, explaining how each part fits into the whole. (Related articles, books, audio, and other study aids are included in the links below.)  Take the time to listen this month, and you’ll be ready to start reading on January 1.”

You Can Change Our Culture’s Mind on Abortion – “Making the pro-life case is completely within your ability, I promise you. You just need to arm yourself with some information, a game plan, and some tools to help you get started. So I’ve put together a short list of resources, chosen for their simplicity, clarity, and accessibility. There are no textbooks in this list, and you don’t have to be a philosopher to understand any of this material…. I confined my list to a few essentials that cover the basics and will effectively equip anyone wanting to enter into this fight for universal human rights.”

If you'd like to take a bigger step, see this list of apologetics certificate and degree programs compiled by Jacob Allee.


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Dec 31, 2013