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I Walked Up to a Couple of Muslims on the Street... Explore More Content

...and told them I was a Christian. I asked if they were interested in talking about God and religion. They said, "Sure! That would be great. Come sit with us." We sat down in a small café and discussed the Bible, Jesus, religion, and the Qur'an for nearly two hours. And even though we strongly disagreed with each other’s views, they still insisted to pick up the check. What a treat!

Can you imagine the response if I approached two random Americans? "Uh, no thanks…go away." But with Muslims I find starting a conversation about religion is much easier. They're more willing to talk about God and ultimate issues than the average person.

If you're eager to proclaim the truth about Jesus or just want to gain more experience sharing your convictions, then you should consider finding a Muslim and striking up a conversation. They're often eager to talk and build a relationship. All I did was drive to a local neighborhood with a high population of Muslims, pulled up to a strip mall with Arab markets and falafel shops, and started talking to guys that looked Middle Eastern (that looked kinda like me).

At the very least, you might make a new friend – or get a free meal.

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May 29, 2009