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Do We Need Another Youth Conference? Explore More Content

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"Do we really need another youth conference?"

Well, our Rethink Conference preregistration numbers suggest we do. With over 400 students, youth leaders, and parents already signed up, we have further evidence that youth are hungry for this kind of conference. Why? Because it's not the typical youth camp or conference, where students may be entertained, may have a lot of "fun," may be wowed with bells and whistles, but who may not walk away equipped with anything more than a temporary hyped-up experience. 

Students want parents and church leadership to step up their training. The Center for Parent & Youth Understanding (CPYU) conducted interviews with students who had grown up in the church and were now in college. This is the kind of thing CPYU heard again and again:

CPYU: As you reflect on your church youth group experience, what are some things you wish your youth group would have done more of to prepare you for college?

Gabrielle: I was in several youth groups in high school and unfortunately found that youth group was too “soft”—we played a lot of games and had a lot of fun retreats, but rarely learned about the fundamentals of faith, why we believe what we believe, and what it is that we do believe. Now that I am in college, my faith is under constant scrutiny and always being tested by scientific concepts and the secular slant of most universities. I wish I had been equipped with a more solid justification for my faith: knowing how to answer the tough questions, how to respond to arguments, and how to stand firm in what feels like a storm against my spirituality.

Students want us to raise the bar of expectations and that's what Rethink does. This conference on October 25-26 will equip students with knowledge of the truth and the ability to defend the truth. There will be 8 hours of training on topics like abortion, the problem of evil, worldviews, intelligent design, tolerance and more. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and plan to bring your students. You don't live in Southern California? That's not stopping others, as people will be traveling from out-of-state for Rethink.

Not convinced students need this kind of training? Check out these videos that might help persuade you and others.

Here is True U's "The Toughest Test in College" promo video: 


Here is Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' "ASK" Curriculum promo video:


Here is Ratio Christi's promotional video: 


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Oct 16, 2013