Stewardship Report

Stand to Reason is committed to wise financial stewardship. At least 80% of expenditures go directly to ministry activity to fulfill STR's mission:  to train and equip Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square. ??STR has been recognized by third-party organizations that monitor non-profit fiscal management. Both Charity Navigator and MinistryWatch have analysis of STR's fiscal management; the current ratings can be found on their pages.  A summary of STR's latest 990 financial report is available here.

Stand to Reason is overseen by a board of directors:

  • Craig Hazen
  • Steve Carmichael
  • Richard Moselle, Chariman
  • William Bradford
  • Martin Caveza
  • Greg Koukl, President of Stand to Reason

Key employees are Greg Koukl, President, and Melinda Penner, Executive Director.  Other key staff include Tom Puls, Derek White, Wendy Jones, Amy Hall, Crissy Watkins, Dawnielle Hodgman, and Kyle Scheele.

In 2014, Stand to Reason pursued its mission to equip Christian ambassadors.  Some benchmarks of that activity include:

  • Over 1,539,606 training pieces were mailed or emailed
  • 21,661 CDs, MP3s, DVDs, books, and PDFs were distributed
  • 1,898,850 articles were viewed on the website
  • 981,284 visits were made to the website
  • More than 322,554 podcasts were downloaded
  • 52 radio broadcasts on 123 stations
  • 697,464 unique users visited the website during the year
  • 121,982 dowloads of STR’s app
  • STR created a new Quick-reference App
  • A weekly TV broadcast was initiated on the NRB network
  • 325 teaching events by Greg, Brett, and Alan
  • Greg taught in Poland; Alan taught in Lebanon
  • STR hosted the "reTHINK" student conference in Orange County, CA with 1,000 students, leaders, and parents
  • Published the Ambassador's Guide to the Voice of God by Greg Koukl
  • STR began creating motion graphic videos to teach important issues in an engaging way
  • Brett and Alan each held Twitter Q&A and Google Hangouts to give people a chance to interact and ask questions
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